Riviera helps fight crime and bolster safety on NSW waterways

Riviera is supporting an innovative new campaign by Crime Stoppers and New South Wales police to tackle crime and improve safety on the state’s waterways.

The new Crime Stopper Marine Crime Prevention and Safety Campaign, launched by the NSW Minister for Police, Tony Kelly, and the NSW Minister for Ports and Waterways, Joe Tripodi, encourages people to report crime on and around NSW waterways.

"This is the first major initiative for Crime Stoppers aimed at reducing marine crime and increasing marine safety," said Peter Price, Crime Stopper's Chief Executive Officer. "Our focus is to pilot the project in NSW and review it and increase the program nationally.

"There are quite a few crimes we're targeting, including the theft of vessels, stealing from vessels, fisheries crimes, as well as drug and gun smuggling."

NSW Police and NSW Maritime will team up to distribute 10,000 waterproof 'Bounty bags' containing theft deterrent and emergency assistance information to boat owners on Sydney Harbour and Pittwater.

Les Galbraith, Managing Director of R Marine, Riviera’s Dealer Network, said: "At Riviera, our owners' safety is our primary concern. With this initiative we want to be able to spread this message to the wider boating community."

The campaign will recommend boat owners mark their boats, outboard motors, marine accessories and other 'assets' with thousands of one millimetre microdots laser-etched with multiple lines of unique code.

"The unique code on the dots is matched to each vessel through a global database allowing Police to identify stolen property’s rightful owner," said Ian Allen, DatadotDNA Technology’s Chief Executive.

Mr Allen said the technology is widely used by car manufacturers in Australia and internationally and is a proven deterrent against theft. The technology is also making an impact among the 1.1 million purchasers of new bicycles in Australia each year, helping deter thieves and assisting police to reunite recovered bicycles with their owners.

Colin Bransgrove, chief executive of the Marina Industries Association of Australia, said, "'Protected by DataDotDNA’ signage on boats and around marinas will send a clear message that all valuables are identifiable by Police and are of no value to thieves."

According to Crime Stoppers there are some basic steps boat owners can take to protect their property from theft, including:
    •    Record all details of your boat and equipment - including serial numbers – and keep this list in a safe place;
    •    Engrave any valuable items – you can use your driver's licence number;
    •    Mark your dinghy with an identifying feature, such as your driver's licence number;
    •    Fit an anti theft device to your trailer;
    •    Fit a quality lock to your boat;
    •    Remove valuable items from your boat when you leave it unattended. If you have to leave valuables on board, ensure they are out of sight; and
    •    Consider fitting a quality alarm to your boat.

Meanwhile, to ensure the safety of themselves and their passengers, police urge boating enthusiasts to:
    •    Plan their trip – check equipment, weather and vessel;
    •    Tell somebody where they are planning on boating and when they are expecting to return;
    •    Don't drink and drive – less than .05 for recreational vessel operators aged 18 years and over and a person supervising a child operator of a powered vessel;
    •    Keep a proper lookout at all times;
    •    Only carry as many people as are permitted on their boat – and make sure there are enough appropriately sized life jackets for each person on board;
    •    There are mandatory pieces of safety equipment you need on a vessel – make sure you know what they are and always carry every item;
    •    Adhere to speed limits and other navigational signage;
    •    Wear their lifejacket when boating in poor weather conditions, when crossing a coastal bar, if a squall or storm approaches, or when boating alone away from immediate help; and
    •    Know your limitations and the capabilities of your vessel – and stick to them.


DataDotDNA Marine Anti-Theft Kits can be ordered online at www.datadotdna.com/marine.


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