Builder Looks To Riviera In “Space” Mission

Riviera recently hosted executives from prestige residential developer Mirvac to research innovative approaches to high-end apartment living.

The leading Australian companies came together after Mirvac executives made a fact finding mission to Riviera’s Gold Coast headquarters to learn how the boating leader utilised space throughout its models.

Development Director for Mirvac Queensland Brett Robinson said the company was gathering ideas that could be considered for future apartment designs.

The two national companies similarly appealed to prestige buyers, he said.

“Really, Riviera and Mirvac are very similar companies: we both build luxury accommodation, only theirs float and ours are fixed,’’ said Mr Robinson.

Riviera’s General Manager, New Product Development, Phil Candler, said that designing luxury boats requires constant striving for better use of space.

“Whether we are building a 36-foot Sport Yacht or our flagship 70-foot Flybridge, space is at a premium and we have to deliver luxury and quality lifestyle on each model,” he said.

Brett Robinson said: “Social forecasts suggest there’s going to be a lot more single-person households in the future as people age and fewer people get married. That means there is an opportunity for more streamlined apartments, but people still want flexibility and comfort.’’

Mirvac has a multi-billion dollar portfolio of luxury apartment developments throughout Queensland. The developer’s 650-unit Waterfront, Newstead development smashed Brisbane’s apartment sale record after its grand penthouse sold in the first stage release, Pier, for $14.25 million in June.

Likewise, Riviera has positioned itself as the leader in luxury pleasure boats in Australia.

Mr Robinson said Riviera had incorporated many clever inclusions into its boat designs.

“They showed us how spaces in boats have multiple functions as well as how they incorporate full scale luxuries into their boats, for example fitting full laundries.

“As a leading designer and builder of apartments, we are constantly seeking to increase our knowledge within the traditional arenas of residential architecture but also seek the challenge of learning from other non-traditional sources such as boat building. Riviera was the perfect fit.”



Click to enlarge image: The Mirvac team is shown over a Riviera luxury boat by Riviera’s Scott Cumming (second from right).

The Mirvac team is shown over a Riviera luxury boat by Riviera’s Scott Cumming (second from right).

Mirvac’s 650-unit Waterfront development in Newstead, Queensland.

Mirvac’s 650-unit Waterfront development in Newstead, Queensland.