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This newsletter celebrates the Riviera lifestyle as well as providing you with helpful information for your boating experience. This is also your chance to share your lifestyle and experiences with other Riviera owners. Please click here to share your boating photos.

Power Strike heading to the pin at full noise trying to get a bit more out of those 370's. By Nathan Duffield

Usually found hauling in the fish from the back of Dad's Riv 38 'A Salt Weapon' this time he was snapped getting cosy with the Riv Girls at Sydney 2009. Lucky Boy Brandon. By Scott O'Reilly

Sydney Boat Show 2009. Fantastic weather fantastic line up! Sydney lights up in Darling Harbour. By Matthew Smith

37' Riv at anchor in Sidney Spit (British Columbia, Canada), By Doug Butterworth.

Augusto Fontana, los roques, Venezuela

Two Riviera 51 Enclosed Flyridges enroute to the Whitsundays – Pearl Bay, Australia, By Dave Bence

Mood lighting, Australia. By Dave Bence

New Years Eve Sunset on the Harbour. Geoff & Sharon Bassel

2004 model Riviera 47, South Africa. By John Davy,




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