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Captain Bob Jones has more than 25 years experience and specialises in Live on board Charters. He has served on the Eastern Tuna MAC board as a permanent observer giving representation to the charter boats on the east coast of Australia.  This month he explains how to tie the Sheet Bend knot.

The Sheet Bend is one of the top 10 knots, it is an old knot which was commonly used to join two lines of different thickness.

The sheet bend is a simple knot also known as The Bend; Simple Bend; Ordinary Bend; Common Bend; Single Bend. It is quick to tie and amazingly strong but it may slip if the line is made from a slippery material such as polypropylene rope.

It is excellent for joining similar ropes of differing sizes and is great for hauling. It should be tied with both ends on one side of the knot.


Step 1 - Begin with the larger line, making a bight with the ends facing to the left.

Step 2 - Insert the working end of the smaller line up through the bight from the top. Pass the end round the back of the bight from left to right.

Step 3 - Lay the second working end above the bight, but beneath the small line. The working ends of both ropes should emerge from the knot on the same side.

Step 4 - Tighten the knot but make sure the tail is at least 5cm/2in long to prevent slippage.





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Captain Bob Jones