Ultrasonic Antifouling Unit Megasonic 2020

Marine electronics and navigation guru, Errol Cain has supervised the installation of marine electronic systems into thousands of luxury cruisers in his 22 years experience. This issue Errol will discuss ultrasonic hull protection.

Ultrasonic hull protection is not new to the marine environment and has been protecting boats with great success for some time. The marine Ultrasonic 2020 antifouling system is an Australian designed hull protection system.

Offering the highest performance in ultrasonics available, the 2020 is also Australian manufactured, suitable for boats from 8m to 50m in length made from GRP or steel. The system operates on the on either 12vdc or 24vdc battery systems consuming under 1 amp per system.

Ultrasonic systems do not negate the need for antifouling your hull however, they do extend the interval time between antifouls by some 2 to 3 times. What this means for the boat owner is great savings on haul out fees, antifouling costs and up to 20% fuel saving.

Fuel savings you ask, well yes because the foul on the bottom of your hull grows very slowly therefore there is far less drag throughout the life of the antifoul.

The control box can run a single or dual transducer. Small vessels only require a single transducer however medium boats will require 2 transducers and large vessels may require 2 or 3 systems with 2 transducers each.

Installation is quite simple with a specialist wand to find the best acoustic location of the transducer. Once found it is simply a matter of removing the gelcoat to create a flat surface, gluing the transducer in place and running to the control box. Supply power to the control box and presto, protection has begun.

The system is fully protected internally and self resets if your batteries were to run flat when power is restored.

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Click to enlarge image: Errol Cain, R Electronics Managing Director

Errol Cain, R Electronics Managing Director

Ultrasonic 2020 antifouling system

Ultrasonic 2020 antifouling system