Cheryl Harman and her Riv “Larrikin”

“We are very content with Riviera as a brand. This is our second Riv. Previously we had a 39. They offer the back-up service, listen to feedback from clients, and we feel so safe. Second only to a house, it’s a major purchase. Over the years, we’ve been amazed that they will go that one step further for us, as part of the Riv family.

“Our boat is a floating hotel. It’s better than owning an apartment! You can travel anywhere. We have moored it at Hamilton Island and flown back and forth to Melbourne. It was on the Gold Coast for two years, which we enjoyed immensely. It’s always a great way to meet new people. We’ve been to Grafton and Lady Musgrave with 18 other boats.”

The new boat, to be called “Larrikin” as well, could be kept up in Queensland. “Depending on work, we might leave it at Southport and take it up to Hamilton Island, Airlie Beach. We love exploring the Reef and Whitsundays, going wherever the mood takes us, on just a whiff of fuel.”

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Cheryl Harman

A floating hotel 'Larrikin'

A floating hotel 'Larrikin'

Cheryl on board 'Larrikin'

Cheryl on board 'Larrikin'