Best Boat Name Competition


Congratulations to Steve Remington for this entry "Finding Remo".

Steve said, Having lived on a waterfront property for many years, owning a boat has always been in the back of our minds, but we have dedicated most of our free time to travelling the world. Our friends would often say ‘oh THOSE REMINGTONS are off again getting lost in some other part of the world’. This year we thought we would settle back and stay home for some time. Our children are now at an age where they want to do their own thing so we decided to look for a boat and start to enjoy where we really live. Initially, we only wanted a basic boat, about 35 foot at most and not even a flybridge. We had heard how great and beautiful the Riviera boats were designed and finished, top quality was the general consensus from our boaty friends. We never really intended to step up to that level at first, but upon our meeting with R Marine and our dealing with the delightful Andrew Bettini, what was supposed to be basic ended up being the wonderful Riviera 45 Open Flybridge.

When we told our friends they were ecstatic and said ‘so what are you going to call it?’. Now, that was going to be an issue, I thought.

As I remember, when we tried to come up with a business name some time ago it took months of tiresome family debate. This time when I arrived at home one night to tell the children, with a smile, that we had bought a big boat, and then a change in facial expression to a stern look, that we had to come up with a name for it and we were not going to be debate it for months. No sooner had I finished my sentence when my daughter responded, “Dad that’s easy. You know how everyone jokes that we go off overseas and exploring all over the place, that one day we are going to get lost and no one will be able to find us. Well it’s like trying to find the Remingtons. So let’s call the boat Finding Remo.” Short for Remingtons, but a pun on the animated movie FINDING NEMO. A lot of people call us the Remos as it is. PERFECT I said. That’s what we will call it. So we now have a beautiful Riviera 45 Open Flybridge called "Finding Remo".



The Best Boat Name Competition is aimed at encouraging Riviera owners to submit photos of their transom displaying their boat name and some photos of themselves enjoying their boat along with a short explanation of how the name came about for a chance to win some fantastic prizes.

If you would like to share your boat name and its origins with R Experience for the chance to win a Riviera gift; send a photo of the transom and other images you would like published with brief explanation of how you chose your boat name to rthacker@riviera.com.au or post to Riviera, 50 Waterway Drive, Coomera, QLD 4209, Australia. Don’t forget to include your contact details so we can inform you if you win a prize.




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Click to enlarge image: Riviera 45 Open Flybridge is named after the Remingtons who are known for travelling all over the world getting 'lost' on another adventure

Riviera 45 Open Flybridge is named after the Remingtons who are known for travelling all over the world getting 'lost' on another adventure