A Super New Flagship

A luxurious home away from home, a five-star apartment on the water; the superlatives have flooded out since the launch of the Riviera 70 Enclosed Flybridge.

This majestic flagship of the Riviera fleet is the culmination of 27 years of dedication to the company’s goal of building the best luxury boats in the world.

The Riviera 70 is the largest production cruiser ever built in Australia. It includes four cabins and four bathrooms, with a sleeping capacity for up to 10 people.

“Development of the Riviera 70 was an incredible undertaking from the very beginning,” says Riviera CEO John Anderson. “It is a quantum beyond anything the company had ever undertaken, not only in terms of the size of the boat and the build challenges that it would provide, but from the overall concept of what we wanted and needed to deliver.”





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