Lighting up the night

R Electronics has introduced a new night vision system that utilises both a low light camera and thermal image camera.

OceanView Apollo thermal imaging cameras utilise state-of-the-art sensors such as thermal imaging, colour zoom, ultra-low light and image intensified.

Total darkness, pouring rain, some fog conditions and even intense sun can become safe using the new system.

Dual camera configuration features simultaneously viewable independent Infra-red thermal and ultra low-lux imaging sensors. The low light .00015 lux camera amplifies even barely discernable light to render a crisp detailed picture in adverse navigational conditions.

The marinised, waterproof and sealed cameras will withstand shock, vibration, corrosion, moisture and salt. Optional two-axis gyro-stabilization allows for a steady performance when it matters most. The system combines cutting edge camera sensors with an ergonomically designed and patented pan and tilt system.

OceanView designs and manufactures each camera by hand at its Florida facility and offers a full line of thermal imaging options.

A heated camera window eliminates fogging and condensation. The classic low profile design along with a corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy coated with an Awlgrip paint system offers durability and longevity.

The Apollo camera system is ideal for sportfishers, long-distance cruisers and harbour cruisers.

R Electronics will have an OceanView Apollo camera on display at the Riviera Experience Centre from September.

For more information, contact R Electronics on 07 5561 7900, email info@relectronics.com.au or go to www.relectronics.com.au

Product Specifications

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