No shortcuts for Riviera Safety Slogan winner Rob Vidovic

Quiet achiever Rob Vidovic from Riviera's electrical and maintenance department didn't take any shortcuts when he entered the internal Safety Slogan competition, and it paid off when he was announced the winner.

Riviera's Workplace Health and Safety department held the safety slogan competition as part of 2009 Safe Work Australia week in a bid to improve workplace safety.

Workplace Health and Safety manager Cherriee Ludemann said Rob's submission won because it had a broad appeal across the whole worksite and wasn't targeted at one particular task.

"Rob's slogan, Safety doesn't take a short cut, you shouldn't either, highlighted the need for staff to take time and do a job properly and pay attention to what they are doing," Ms Ludemann said.

"We thought the competition would help engage the staff with regard to the importance of safety in the workplace and also create some fun."

Rob said he felt that a lot of accidents occurred through people trying to rush a job or take a short cut.

He hopes his slogan will remind people to take the time to do the job properly and avoid accidents.

"Safety is very important to me and it should be for everyone - we all want to go home in one piece," Rob said.

"My message is; if you want to do a job, think about it, don't take a short cut and do more damage."

Ms Ludemann said; "We intend to use the slogan as a motto within the workplace to promote and encourage workplace health and safety.

"Safety is a priority at Riviera and we want to encourage staff to use the proper procedures that are in place for tasks and to take time and pay attention to what they are doing so that we can prevent injuries."

Riviera's Brandcom department has also turned the Safety Slogan into a poster which is displayed across the site to further raise awareness of the importance of health and safety in the workplace.




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Click to enlarge image: Safety Slogan winner Rob Vidovic is congratulated by CEO John Anderson

Safety Slogan winner Rob Vidovic is congratulated by CEO John Anderson

Safety Slogan poster by Rob Vidovic

Safety Slogan poster by Rob Vidovic