What The Experts Are Saying:

Riviera 43 Offshore Express

"The most impressive thing with the 43 is the way it gets out of the hole. . . You just push the throttles forward and stop when you have reached your intended speed - all with no trim tabs."
John Heselwood, Go Boating

"I like the motion of this boat at slow speed, too. The 43 Offshore Express feels stable and surefooted, predictable and pleasurable, and at once fishy and palin good fun."
David Lockwood, Trade-A-Boat

"Underway the 43 Express exudes all the qualities of a genuine sports hull with its stable ride, its ability to turn well and its lack of bad manners through a turn."
Barry Tyler, Pacific MotorYacht

"The 43 Offshore Express is a great package with a great use of space as a result of IPS technology. It is most definitely the new girl on the sport utility vessel patch."
John Heselwood, Go Boating

The Riviera 43 Offshore Express is a serious game-fishing boat that will make competitors sit up and take notice. On the other side of the coin, the boat can be a very functional weekend cruiser.”
Kevan Wolfe, Gold Coast Bulletin


"The 43's response was instantaneous – I thought it really was on ice! The speed at which you are able to spin the boat around is remarkable. Backing up is also impressive."
John Heselwood, Go Boating

"Is it possible to build a boat for everyone and put everyone in the one boat? We think the new Riviera 42 Offshore Express pulls it off."
David Lockwood, Trade-A-Boat

"As with all good sea boats, the 43 has purposeful lines, a graceful sheer, plenty of freeboard and flare."
David Lockwood, Trade-A-Boat

"For me, the real feature of this boat, the balance point between game-fisher and cruising boat, was the aft cabin. The space and features in here were sublime."
Barry Tyler, Pacific MotorYacht


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Riviera 43 Offshore Express.