Riviera 70 Enclosed Flybridge – First Impressions

As our readers know, Riviera’s new flagship 70 Enclosed Flybridge was launched to great acclaim at the Sydney International Boat Show in August. Already the first media reviews are in print.

Anthony Twibill, Ocean Magazine

“It is appropriate that Riviera’s most modern interpretation of classic sports fishing design graces this majestic and proud new Australian. Our country’s boatbuilding heritage owes much to this style of boat with the sports fishing flybridge convertible the backbone of our luxury cruiser market for decades. But none in the wake of many years can bear comparison to the big new Riv 70. The scale of the vessel when compared to the previous largest Riviera cruisers, the 56 and 61, causes you to pause. Actually 76 foot overall including pulpit and swim platform, with a hull length of around 72, this boat is not simply several feet longer, it is bigger and better in all respects offering exemplary performance with world-class luxury appointments in a high volume layout, designed from the start to appeal to the most fastidious buyer of the sports fishing genre of motor yacht.

“The 70 IS big for a Riv, and there’s no doubt about its presence on the dock, but is it JUST a big Riviera? Is it MORE than a larger version of its smaller well-regarded (and awarded) siblings in the Riviera family? A Riviera on steroids? A new model based on the super-size me option at the local burger shop? Is it actually as impressive in respects other than its pure size? The answer is, absolutely. The Riviera 70 Enclosed Flybridge is set to become the new aspiration of the local Australian boating enthusiast. Tear down your old pin-ups because let me assure you these 70 feet of ocean-going pampering will be the new poster boy of the set who like their sport fishing in style!”

The proud owners of the very first of this exciting new model also share their early impressions.

Standing in the galley of their Riviera 70 Enclosed Flybridge, they said simply: “How do you get any better than this?”

They have owned four Rivieras over the past 12 years. The first was a 43 Flybridge.

“We got into boating because we lived on the harbour in Port Vila in Vanuatu and we saw all the boats coming and going,” they said. “We were working on new communications systems for our business and the consultant had a boat. It was available, so we bought it.

“We thought all our dreams had come true right then!”

Passagemaking between the islands, they were caught in a storm and decided they needed something bigger so they upgraded to a Riviera 48. Then to a Riviera 60.

“I heard about plans for the 70, but I thought the 60 was a very special boat,” he said. “How could you get twice as good a boat as that? And it would need to be twice as good to get my attention.

“The initial attraction was the mezzanine, the extended range fuel tanks – we have 2,000 litres more than standard – and special crew quarters with their own bathroom facilities.

“We ordered this boat after talking with Riviera’s design team, seeing the initial drawings and 3D Cad designs. It might seem odd to purchase a $5 million boat sight unseen, but we have a great sense of security with Riviera, a great trust.

“The company and the entire team earned that trust over time. For example, we had some problems with the 60 after it reached New Caledonia following its maiden voyage. The Riviera team were there in one day with spare parts and had it fixed. That is the level of service we really appreciate.

“So when Riviera promised this new boat would be special, we believed them. I’ve got to say now this is more than twice as good as the 60. And that’s saying something. I had high expectations. At a price tag of more than $5 million, you would have. But the team at Riviera has more than exceeded that expectation.”

These owners are not harbour sailors. Their plans are to cruise the islands of Vanuatu and explore more of the spectacular coastline of New Caledonia.

“We see a lot of boats come into the harbour at Port Vila,” he said. “We look over them. And I’ve got to say this is the best Australian-built boat I have ever seen – of any size or shape.”

With a specially-designed five-cabin layout, this Riviera can sleep 11 people in the accommodation below decks. They will need it. With a grown family, all of whom enjoy boating, there is demand for accommodation.

“Our daughter came on board, took one look at that amazing master stateroom and declared ‘I know where I’m sleeping. I don’t know about you!’” she said.

“We have been on board for a few days now and we’re still discovering new things on the boat. I just love that drink cabinet in the saloon. Press a button and it rises up from the cabinetry!

“The galley too. This would not look out of place in any home. It has everything.

She smiled. “I could live here!”

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Riviera 70 Enclosed Flybridge

Riviera 70 Enclosed Flybridge