Riviera on display worldwide

Riviera is displaying many of its latest models at upcoming Boat Shows around the world, including the massive Genoa and Fort Lauderdale International Boat Shows.

Riviera CEO John Anderson, who will attend both boat shows, says the company will have a strong presence at both boat shows.

“There has been significant interest from the boating public in the two events despite the current economic climate,” he says. “In fact, a group of five Riviera owners from Queensland will join us in Fort Lauderdale.”

The Genoa International Boat Show is held in Italy from October 4 to 12 and the Fort Lauderdale show in the United States from October 30 to November 4.

John said Riviera will be represented at a number of other significant international boat shows in coming months including Barcelona, Athens, Boston and Annapolis. In Australia, Riviera and its R Marine retail organisation is staging an $18 million dollar display of vessels at the Mandurah Boat Show between October 9 and 11 with 10 boats featured.

The Riviera display at Fort Lauderdale will include 10 boats valued at more than US $11 million. The display includes 41 and 45 Open Flybridge models, an award-winning 47 Enclosed Flybridge; 51 and 58 Open Flybridges; a 58 Enclosed; two 48 Offshore Express models, one open and one enclosed; and award-winning 4400 and 4700 Sport Yachts. In Genoa, Riviera will display a 51 Flybridge, a 4400 Sport Yacht and a 48 Offshore Express.

“Our focus is to continue to produce exciting new models for our customers and importantly to deliver products with features and inclusions that they want,” said John.

He said the company’s flagship vessel, the 70 Enclosed Flybridge, continues to be extremely well received by the market with total sales numbering six.

“The 70 is a magnificent boat and the six new owners are thrilled with it. The owner of our first has described it as the best built Australian luxury boat he has ever seen.

“It takes Riviera to an entirely new level and, importantly, with a price tag of $5 million each, it is very good business for the company and underpins a significant number of jobs.”

He said Riviera is well positioned to ride out the impacts of the unstable economic conditions. Innovation, new designs, improved quality and efficiency and customer research would keep the company at the forefront of the marine manufacturing industry.

“Some of our new models are spectacular boats and interest in them is strong,” he said.

Click to enlarge image: Genoa International Boat Show – October 4 to 12

Genoa International Boat Show – October 4 to 12

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show – October 30 to November 4

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show – October 30 to November 4

Riviera 4700 Sport Yacht

Riviera 4700 Sport Yacht