Riviera Expands With $3.6 Million Aftermarket Centre

Riviera has officially opened its new $3.6 million Aftermarket and Service Centre on the southern side of the company’s headquarters in Coomera in south-east Queensland.

Lloyd and Liz Hillman, who have owned 12 Rivieras over the past 23 years, unveiled a plaque to officially open the centre that has been designed to offer a wide range of services to luxury boat owners.

The Hillmans bought their first Riviera in 1985 and recently took delivery of number 12, a 4400 Sport Yacht.

Mr Hillman said: “It is an honour to open this great new facility. I am sure I speak on behalf of all Riviera family of owners to say that we are very grateful to now have a dedicated unit of the company focussing on providing the full range of custom and after-sales services.”

Mr Hillman said he and Liz and their four sons ”grew up as a family on our Rivieras. Fishing, swimming - we did everything you associate with families and boats. We think we’ve got a very stable family and we honestly believe it’s been brought about largely by boating.”

Introducing the Hillmans, Riviera’s newly-appointed Director of Operations Michael Burke said the new Aftermarket Centre was yet another example of the company’s ongoing commitment to the wide family of Riviera owners.

Aftermarket Manager Michael Swain said the new waterfront building, with 1,450 square metres of floor space, will “close the loop on the Riviera experience”, with boat owners offered a full on-site customisation, servicing, refurbishing and maintenance service.

“We offer a one-stop factory service, maintenance and warranty centre for Riviera customers and dealers,” he said.

The facility is also a centre for a number of other Riviera business units.

R Electronics provides a full installation and upgrade service.
R Interiors offers interior and soft furnishing additions, upgrades and refurbishment.
Craft Coverings also operates a full exterior awning and furniture covering service from the Centre.

The Aftermarket and Service Centre can accommodate up to six boats under cover. A further 2,500 square metres of hard stand can take a further six boats. A second building includes two separated bays for two-pack spray painting and antifouling.

“Our facility is designed to prevent cross-contamination between boats,” said Mr Swain.

The facility also includes a 75-tonne mobile boat travel-lift capable of handling vessels up to 6.5 metres in beam and around 26 metres (approximately 85 feet) in length.

A 13-berth marina arm is located adjacent to the new facility.

More than $250,000 has also been spent on water efficiency in the new facility including a state-of-the-art water treatment plant which re-cycles 99 percent of the water used. There are also massive underground water storage tanks and rainwater diversion systems to harvest run-off from the large roofed areas.

“The wash-down areas are all designed so we capture all the water and everything that hits the decks is recycled,” said Mr Swain.

Click to enlarge image: Long-time Riviera owners Lloyd and Liz Hillman unveil a plaque to officially open the Riviera Aftermarket and Service Centre.

Long-time Riviera owners Lloyd and Liz Hillman unveil a plaque to officially open the Riviera Aftermarket and Service Centre.