Fast and furious action in Riviera Tuna Shootout

Tagging and releasing fish can be a difficult task in the rolling cockpit of a game fish boat. The crew on board Riviera 51 "Longshot" got plenty of practice during the recent Riviera Port Lincoln Tuna Shootout.

The team recorded 40 tuna tagged and released in two days − an average faster than one every half an hour through the tournament. Not surprisingly, Longshot won the tournament and two of its crew members, Mark and Robert Forster shared the prize for the most individual tags with 11 each.

The boat also scored the heaviest fish caught at 17 kilograms.

A total of 10 boats competed in the tournament, including six boats that made the trip from Adelaide to participate. They were part of a fleet of 17 Rivieras that travelled to Port Lincoln for the annual R Marine Adelaide Experience weekend.

According to tournament organiser Peter Teakle, Longshot fished Rocky Island about 60 nautical miles further out to sea than the rest of the fleet.

"The sea on Saturday morning was very ordinary," he explained. "Fortunately, it calmed in the afternoon and the rest of the day and Sunday were wonderful."

Port Lincoln resident Robert Swincer aboard Riviera 3850 Saltiga brought his team into second place.

"Most of the boats went to a place called the Cabbage Patch," he said. "So I decided we should head for South Neptune Island. We caught five tuna on the first day.

"We anchored overnight at South Neptune. When we woke, we saw two tuna jump right in front of the boat. So breakfast was pretty much forgotten as we went on the chase. But we caught nothing that entire day!"

John Katapodis has owned his Riviera 37 Sunsora for a year and the voyage from Adelaide to Port Lincoln was the longest he has undertaken.

"The guys from R Marine Adelaide were incredible," he said. "We were supported the entire time.

"Our team caught six tuna on the Wednesday before the tournament. So we marked the spot and headed straight back when the tournament began. But we had no luck. We tagged two on Sunday at a place called Dangerous Reef."

The team recorded the second heaviest fish caught during the tournament.

"I really loved the barbecue at Peter Teakle's home on Thursday before the tournament," said John. "It was great to spend time with the other owners.

"The entire experience was second to none. I'll be back next year."

The other anglers agreed.

Peter Teakle confirmed: "Our Adelaide boats were very excited about the tournament and they will be back next year."

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• Champion Boat: Longshot 40 tags
• Runner-up Boat: Saltiga 5 tags
• Individual Angler: Mark Forster 11 tags, Robert Forster 11 tags
• Heaviest Fish: Longshot 17kg
• Runner-up: Sunsora 16kg
• Riviera Trophy: most fish tagged and released by a Riviera Longshot
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Streaming Out

Streaming Out

Runners up: Saltiga

Runners up: Saltiga

Winners: Longshot

Winners: Longshot

A couple that didn't get away

A couple that didn't get away