New releases boost strong sales for Riviera at Sanctuary Cove Show

The 20th annual Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May this year was held in four days of brilliant sunshine. Riviera's massive 3,900 square metre on-water display was busy throughout the show and the company recorded a total of 26 boats sold.

Tim Sayer, Managing Director of R Marine, Riviera's retail network, said the organisers had done a great job in presenting the 20th Show.

"It was a great event and we were blessed with terrific weather to add to a very positive atmosphere," he said. "We had a fantastic display with a total of 15 Rivieras on display. We had two world releases at the Show — our Riviera 61 Enclosed Flybridge and 38 Open Flybridge.

"It was also the first time at Sanctuary Cove for our 4400 Sport Yacht — named Boat Of The Year at the start of the Show — the 48 Offshore Express and 47 Enclosed Flybridge. It is clear that our new models are generating a great deal of interest for boat owners.

"We sold boats across the entire Riviera range, including a Riviera 61 Enclosed Flybridge first seen on Thursday, Offshore Express, Sport Yachts and Sport Cruisers."

Mr Sayer said the company also announced the next model in its Sport Yacht line — the four-cabin 5800 Sport Yacht — during the Show, achieving a contracted sale on the boat and creating great interest.

"While the total number of boats sold was down on last year's record 31, the value was higher at $40 million due to the strong interest in larger models. We contracted the fifth Riviera 70 during the Show, for example," he said.

"Riviera anticipated a slight reduction in sales at this show. Consumer sentiment is not as strong as last year, due in part to interest rate increases and the current state of the property and stock markets. However, it was a good result for Riviera and R Marine.

"In another first, our new R Marine Dealer in Singapore joined us at the Show and recorded a Sport Yacht sale for his region."

Click to enlarge image: Flags flying at Rivera's display at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show.

Flags flying at Rivera's display at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show.

On display, Riviera Open Flybridges.

On display, Riviera Open Flybridges.

The Riviera 48 Offshore Express

The Riviera 48 Offshore Express